What are the benefits of a VPS?

Scalability: VPS is a great intermediate step between shared and dedicated hosting, as it allows you to scale up your available resources to align with the growth of your needs.


Management: With full root access to your VPS you will have complete control over software installations, server configurations and account management all from the convenience of your control panel.


Stability: The partitioning of a VPS system keeps your account completely secure and independent of other users. Unlike a shared hosting environment, the activities of other VPS customers cannot adversely affect the operation of your system.


Performance: With guaranteed resources, and premium hardware, you will always have the necessary resources to ensure optimal performance.


Dedicated Resources: With VPS hosting the file system is fully partitioned, so you are provided a dedicated amount of CPU/RAM resources which are not shared amongst other users.


Price: VPS hosting is an affordable alternative for those looking for the same features and flexibility provided by a dedicated server without the inflated cost.


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