Will DotBlock migrate my websites for me?

DotBlock offers free cPanel to cPanel migrations for new customers for up to 20 accounts. In order to request a migration, the following guidelines must be met:

  • The account(s) must already exist on a cPanel server
  • The customer must be able to provide the current hosts access information (WHM or cPanel URL, root, reseller or cPanel username/passwords)
  • The existing server must have enough space to facilitate full backups of the accounts requesting to be transferred
  • The new server must have enough space to facilitate the transfer and restoration of the full cPanel backups

Upon receiving the initial migration request, DotBlock will validate the information provided and review the existing accounts to confirm that the above guidelines are met. The DNS configuration of the domains being tranferred will be reviewed and arrangements will be made in regards to the best way to handle the DNS change depending on the situation.

Note: Current customers looking to downgrade to a plan of lesser value are not eligible for a free migration

Please contact support@dotblock.com if you need assistance with a migration.

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