How can I manage my servers backups?

Please note that DotBlock is not responsible for maintaining backups of any data stored on our services. It is important to actively maintain your own remote backups and to actively monitor the success of any backups you are maintaining.

DotBlock offers the ability for customers to purchase backup storage plans and then maintain their own backups through the use of the r1soft backup software. This can be purchased here:

Once you have purchased a backup package please make sure that you have been emailed with the backup system login credentials within 24 hours of the package purchase and confirm they have been configured appropriately per your needs. If you have an active backup package associated with your account it can also be directly accessed from the 'Extras' section of the client area found here:

Simply click 'Manage' next to the active backup package to be directly logged in.

Please note that DotBlock does not monitor the success of customer backups taken. We strongly recommend configuring R1Soft's Reporting feature to alert you of backup issues by taking the following steps:
1) Click on "Reports" in the left pane of the R1Soft interface -> Create New Report -> Assign a Name and Subject for the report
2) Set the owner of the report to your backup user
3) Select the Report Type and Frequency (we suggest Daily)
4) Click "Add Email Address" and enter the address you wish to receive reports with.
5) Apply any filters you'd like to restrict the kind of information included in a report.
6) Set the Report Options
7) Review your information in the Summary and click Save to complete your report setup.
For further information regarding the usage of the R1Soft backup system, please visit the following URL:

Please note that if you use MySQL or MSSQL on your server we strongly recommend enabling the MySQL or MSSQL instance in the policy settings.
It is also recommended that you periodically test the availability of the data in your backup recovery points.

For any additional questions, please contact support at or by calling 1-866-923-4550
-Dotblock Support

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