What is an AVS failure?

If a billing technician has linked you here then your charge has likely been declined due to an AVS failure.

Why has my credit card been declined and yet a charge still shows on my card?

During the process of obtaining authorization from your bank for a charge to your credit card, we send your bank the billing address that you have provided in our client area as well as the amount that you wish to charge.

Your bank first confirms that your card has credit available for the charge. If the card has adequate credit, then your bank sends us an authorization number and pre-approves the amount which will show as a pending charge on your bank account.

Our credit card processor also compares the billing address of your banking card with the one we have sent to them that you provided in your account. If the billing addresses do not match, then your bank sends us a code identifying the type of mismatch, such as a mismatch with the street address, zip code, or the CVV2 code. This mismatch does not prevent your bank from temporarily authorizing the charge, but it does prevent us from actually charging your credit card. The pre-authorized funds should clear back into the account within a few business days, dependant on your banks policies.

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