How do I install an SSL certificate on a Windows Server?

In order to generate a Certificate Signing Request on your Windows Server 2008 environment:

Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
In the left panel, click the server name for which you need to generate a CSR
Double click Server Certificates in the middle section
Click Create Certificate Request in the Action Panel on the right
Enter Distinguished Name Properties, and then click Next.

Populate the following information:

Common Name: (the FQDN the certificate will be signed for)
Organizational Unit:

For the “Cryptographic Service Prover Properties” option, select Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider for the Cryptographic service provider.
Select a Bit length of 2048 or higher, and then click Next. Specify the file name for the CSR to be saved.

If you are choosing to purchase an SSL certificate from us please provide the last 4 digits of the credit card on file (or the account password) along with the CSR information so that we can purchase the SSL certificate for you.

Please note that an approval email will be sent to an administrative email address associated with the domain or the admin/technical contact on the domain. Common administrative accounts where this can be sent are as follows:


Once cert is issued, use the following process to install:

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