How many CPU cores are provided with a DotBlock VPS?

Our Block 1 package has 1 core and our Block 2 package has 2 cores. For every additional 4 blocks after that, 2 cores are added. For example, a Block 6 package has 4 cores, a Block 10 package has 6 cores, and a Block 14 package has 8 cores.

While it may seem that increasing the processing power of a VPS is the most important component, we encourage you to understand that CPU power and multiple cores are only one component of a complicated machine. Increasing a VPS' cores will only help increase its performance to a certain point, especially if other hardware is not improved simultaneously. This is one reason why we encourage users to fully upgrade block sizes when looking to boost their performance and do not offer all hardware to be upgraded solely through add-ons.

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