How can I create a secure and memorable password?

To create a secure password, we recommend following these guidelines:


-Have at least ten total characters


-Use two upper case AND two lower case letters


-Use two special characters or numbers


-Do not duplicate or create your password to be similar to your username


Understanding that creating a password with these rules can be difficult to remember, you may use a memory tool referred to as the sentence system to make it easier to remember. To do this, think of a sentence which has proper nouns, numbers (often in a date) and punctuation. Then, take the first character from each segment in the sentence to create the password.


Example sentence: Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs playing for Major League Baseball teams!


Example password: BRh7hrpfMLBt!


As you can see, this password is memorable, has at least two upper and lower case letters, two numbers or special characters and is at least ten total characters long.


Finally, if you are concerned about the strength or durability of your password, our DotBlock team will be happy to provide you with further guidance to create a secure password.

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